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TalentLMS, subject of today’s review, strikes a rarely seen in eLearning software, and quite
welcome, balance: it’s both powerful and easy to use. Of course, some basic familiarity with computers is still needed, but if you can find your way around Gmail or Facebook, you’ll find your way around TalentLMS just fine.

In case you haven’t chanced upon it yet, TalentLMS is a Cloud-based Learning Management System mainly targeted at corporate training and commercial eLearning – but can fit right in most traditional educational scenarios.

Here’s what I gathered after spending a week with the TalentLMS’ free tier in order to write
this review.

eLearning Software
TalentLMS eLearning Software

First of all, since we’re talking about a Cloud eLearning software, there’s nothing to install and maintain: you just open an account, login, and you’re ready to go and create learning courses.

And yes, it’s as user friendly as it sounds. This emphasis on user friendliness continues after you’ve logged in, too. The user interface is simple and effective, without trying to be too clever or cramming everything on the same page.

Now, concerning features, the amount of functionality that the tech team managed to include is impressive.

TalentLMS eLearning software features

– Full featured and easy to use content creation tools.

You get a standard clear editor, painless embedding/importing of various types of files
(office documents, pictures, video, etc.).

They even have, and this is something most competitors lack, a ‘Homepage Builder’, which basically lets you use TalentLMS content creation tools to build supplementary, non-eLearning related, pages for your eLearning portal. You can use it to create FAQ pages, public info like office hours, announce special offers, promote events, etc.

TalentLMS testing options are also top-notch, with lots of question types to choose from, and the ability to create pools of questions from which new tests can be automatically created.

– Blended learning support

Hybrid learning (that blends offline and onine teaching) is one of our main focuses here on
Bright Classroom Ideas.

TalentLMS seems quite apt at it, whether you’re combining classroom-based learning with online training, doing real-time instructor-led webinars, or both, making it a very good elearning software for schools.

– Multiple eLearning portals

TalentLMS has the ability to create and control multiple autonomous learning portals from a
single paid account, a feature that it calls ‘Branches’. It sure beats having to open and juggle multiple accounts. You get to individually configure and brand each Branch (e.g. for different departments of your school or business), but retain central control too.

– Support for certifications

An important, but often neglected feature for the corporate space, commercial eLearning
businesses, and schools alike. TalentLMS lets you create custom certificate types, create
rules and notifications for when they are awarded, and have them auto-expire after a certain period of time.

– Customizable gamification
TalentLMS has a flexible gamification engine allowing you to add all those engagement-increasing touches like badges and points that bring in the competitive spirit in, well, every type of learner. From level names to custom branches, most options are not just user-toggleable, but user-tweakable too.

TalentLMS eLearning software additional features

– robust eCommerce options (paid courses, subscriptions, bundles)
– automated notifications for all kinds of learning events
– mass actions (a way to automated away repeated actions)
– built-in content marketplace with hundreds of courses
– SCORM 1.2 compatibility (allowing you to import lessons from any standards-compliant
LMS or course authoring tool)
– teleconference and webinar support
– a REST API (for scriptable control and extensibility)
– numerous built-in integrations (e.g. to SSO)

Last, but not least, TalentLMS also comes with native mobile applications for both iOS
and Android. Cleverly, they don’t try to cram all of TalentLMS on a small screen, but rather
focus on a clean microlearning experience. If eLearning on the go is your thing, then
TalentLMS mobile can be used both in addition to a browser-centric TalentLMS course and
as a standalone tool.

There’s an emphasis on corporate learning features which schools probably don’t need, but
which larger educational organizations, commercial learning businesses, and, of course,
enterprises, will appreciate.

Same goes for the content Marketplace – some more variety in the courses would be appreciated, as currently they mostly target the enterprise and
corporate sector.

All in all I found TalentLMS to be a powerful LMS platform, that manages to offer an
extensive range of features while at the same time being very user friendly — beginner
friendly, even.

I like the no-install-required Cloud paradigm, the plethora of assessment
options, and the solid hybrid learning support. Great support for content creation and
assessments, and robust mobile client applications, also help make TalentLMS an eLearning
powerhouse, while the pricing plans cater to all kinds of budgets.

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