Monday, October 25, 2021
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How To Avoid Plagiarism

Students can avoid plagiarism with the right preparation - Teachers can play a big role in this Plagiarism is the unethical and illegal act of duplicating content from sources already published online or submitted for publication. Plagiarism isn't only copying text but also ideas, thoughts, findings, and other kinds of intellectual material.

Should You Get An Online Degree?

studying for an online degree
Online education leading to an online degree has been in existence for several years now. However, it took on greater meaning in the COVID-19 scenario. For people still too frightened to venture out for regular classroom sessions, it has become a great boon. Should you get an Online Degree? If you...

How Nursery Rhymes Assist Cognitive Development

nursery rhymes
If you say the first line of a nursery rhyme out loud, it’s fair to say someone close by will recognize it and may even join in. They are familiar, comforting tunes and poems that we all grew up learning. With World Nursery Rhyme Week in mid-November, there’s no better time to discover just why they’re so...

14 Amazing Grading Apps That Help Teachers Save Time

If you are taking the difficult and time-consuming route, why not enlist the assistance of technology to help you with your classes? In this blog article I will recommend some fantastic grading apps that will help you get the job done more quickly and easily. Instead of spending time slogging for hours on...

Does Homework Help?

homework help
Does homework really make a difference to a student’s long-term success? The world has been debating over the advantages and disadvantages of homework since the late 19th century. Some of us as teachers or facilitators may feel that homework is an effective way to reinforce the concepts taught in school. In other cases, working...
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