Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Teaching Adult Learners

Adult learners returning to college after military service, parenthood, or other life experiences may approach college in a very different way than their less experienced classmates. Many college instructors think of their undergraduate students as adults and treat them as such. In this teaching guide, the terms adult students and adult learners refer to undergraduates who...

Choosing A College: 4 Important Things To Consider

Choosing a college to attend can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many factors to consider, and so many colleges to choose from, you might feel completely overwhelmed and not know which way to turn. Putting pen to paper could help clear your mind, so...

How to Prepare Your Students Best for Standardized Tests

Are you preparing your students for the GMAT, SAT, PSAT, or other standardized tests? How can you tell that they are ready to take the test? An ideal test prep strategy assists the students to stay calm and collected during the exam. For, they know that they’ve covered all the relevant areas. So, what is your working...

Learning Styles: The Truth Behind The Myth

What are Learning Styles? The term learning styles is widely used to describe how learners gather, sift through, interpret, organize, come to conclusions about, and “store” information for further use. As spelled out in VARK (one of the most popular learning styles theories), these styles are often categorized by sensory approaches: visual, aural, verbal , and kinesthetic. 

Survival Guide To Teaching Alternative School

alternative school
The First Days of Alternative School Out of the 16 years that I spent teaching in public schools, 6 were spent teaching in an alternative school. I know some stuff that might help. This is my good news for you about teaching in alternative school: The pressure will make you a...

5 Proven IELTS Writing Tips

When I get questions from some students, I often receive questions about tips and tricks regarding writing for IELTS. It may seem somewhat disappointing for some of my students, but the best tips for learning HOW to write for IELTS, whether this is Academic or General, is to understand the band scores that the examiner will be...

Kids Magazines That Will Captivate Your Classroom

kids magazines
Is print dead? Well, not so fast. Being constantly surrounded by smartphones and tablets, it is easy to think that printed material is a dinosaur age remnant. But what do the numbers say? In fact, there is one medium where print is still the king: magazines. And, contrary to what you...

How to Easily Teach Sight Words in Primary School

Sight words have two definitions. One is common terms which are constantly seen when reading a language. For English, these include “a, you, the, was, little” and many more. Another definition is commonly used words that cannot be sounded out by simply looking at them. Understanding sight words in both contexts is critical...

5 Awesome Tutor Apps You Should Know

woman using tutor apps on tablet
It can be hard to know how to bring your tutoring skills more up to date and stay on top of relevancy. Sure, the schoolwork of kids today hasn’t changed much, but in 2019 the way kids are motivated certainly has. It may seem strange to turn to apps to help you tutor more effectively, but there...

4 Ways to Make the Most of Choice Time

Choice time: two young girls doing arts and crafts
No matter what grade level you teach, giving students free choice in the classroom to work on whatever interests them can have huge benefits for teachers in multiple ways. Making the most out of choice time. First, and maybe most importantly, it allows students to have fun in your...