Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Creating Self-Driven Super Learners

Should the road to conquering student behavior end in compliance? Can we teach the super learners that we want to be self-driven? Elena Díaz reflects on the practical steps we can take to achieve this with our classes. Compliance is a first stop For many teachers, achieving a well-behaved class is...

Is Teaching Affecting Your Marriage?

Are you a teacher or married to one? Has your marriage been struggling as of late? Do you think your job may be affecting your personal life a little too much? In other words, is teaching affecting your marriage? Then keep on reading because this article is just for you! When you work as...

From Teacher to Therapist

The professions of teaching and counseling share similar qualities. To be a teacher, you need to be caring, patient, understanding, and possess an underlying desire to improve the lives of your students through education. Counselors (or therapists) must also possess these traits, but they help improve the lives of their clients through different means.

The Power of Storytelling

There I sat, impressed by the piece: rhetorical devices well-used, research well-conducted, argument well-constructed. She had clearly done great work, and yet I was dumbfounded by the glaring irony of Annika’s writing-for-school approach and the blatant (and probably forced by “school”) way it left this piece with a startling hole: her story. You see, Annika,...

Teaching Morally and Teaching Morality

It began with the test, as it so often does. "Ms. Samuel, You are the worst science teacher that has ever taught me. In all my years doing science I have consistently averaged 89 and never struggled on a test as hard as the one today. If you are going to...

How To Decolonize Your Curriculum (5 Resources)

Lately, I have been reflecting on what I learned in primary school as a little Black girl growing up in a barely post-segregation South. So few of the heroes and central players in history, literature and the arts looked like anyone from my neighborhood. As a matter of fact, I was an adult before I realized that...

10 Basic Tips For Teaching Listening

How To Teach Listening More Effectively Listening plays a critical role in both communication and language acquisition; however, it is one of the least understood processes in language learning. “Listening” is receiving language through the ears. It involves identifying the sounds of speech and processing them into words and sentences.

Boost Your Career With A Physiotherapy Degree

Enhance your career by pursuing a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy Do you have an inclination towards curing and preventing physical dysfunctions in patients? If yes, then embarking upon a career in physiotherapy is the right choice for you. The rise of mechanisation and industrialisation has accelerated the rise in demand and career scope with a...

10 Most Innovative Classroom Ideas That Promote Creativity & Active Learning

Every teacher uses different learning techniques when working with students and some are more effective than others. Finding an approach that fosters creativity and active learning is imperative to see results and properly support each student and their specific goals. With the 10 most innovative classroom ideas in mind, you’ll be able to determine what active learning...

Math and Art: Which Side Are Your Students On?

It is well known that most students favour either math or arts, and it is rare to have a student that is equally good at both math and art. It’s debatable why this is. Some suggest this is an innate disposition, others claim that it is mostly environmental and that our teachers and exposure to different ideas...
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