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Planning for Personalized Learning

personalized learning
Strategies To Create A Personalized Learning Environment Each student has their own unique learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, and academic history that shapes who they are and how they learn. This learner variability exists in every classroom across the globe, yet education systems typically ask for a streamlined approach that disregards this variability. Student-centered...

Teaching Academic Essay Writing [10 Tips]

essay writing
Success in teaching is when a student can do better than their teacher. Actually, every good teacher dreams about it. Still, what should you as an instructor know about academic essay writing to deliver this knowledge to your students? Many methods and techniques are used by experienced essay writing masters who teach both...

Using Fiction to Teach Diversity [6 Ideas]

Pious Ali is talking about tea. “In my village where my grandmother raised me, the men in the family - or the “elders” as we call them - there’s a time of the day that they would sit down on their animal skin and fold their legs and drink their tea, or their chai.”

How To Teach Writing [Theory And Practice]

Writing is both a struggle and a pain. Any English teacher will testify that out of the four skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing), it is writing that seems to pose the greatest problems to language learners. But why is that? Why is writing hard? One obvious reason is that writing...

Craft Supplies For Crafty Teachers

Craft Supplies
This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. See full disclaimer here. A Cherry On Top Crafts began in a little shoe box full of stickers more than 20 years ago. Back then, stickers came on long rolls and had...
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