The Best Digital Tools for Teachers e-Book

What’s in this e-Book?

Are you looking for an easy way to create a lesson? Do you want to keep track of your students’ progress without all the paperwork? Is there a way to check if those written assignments are authentic? Keep reading.

The tools in this list will do more than that:

  • They will motivate your students
  • They will engage their parents
  • They will save you time
  • They will make tedious tasks fun
  • They will help you develop professionally
  • And, if you wish, they will create an additional revenue stream for you.

Who is this e-Book for?

Novice or experienced teacher, classroom teacher or tutor, state teacher or private, from Pre-K to Higher Ed, from English to Math, everyone will find something useful in this eBook.

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Are the resources free?

Some of the resources mentioned in this list are completely free. Most of them though use the ‘freemium’ model, whereby the basic services are provided free of charge while the more advanced features must be paid for.

What kind of technical knowledge is necessary?

To start with, none. Just a lot of enthusiasm!

Table of Contents

  • Bibliography (2 tools)
  • Certification (2 tools)
  • Classroom Response Systems (2 tools)
  • Communication & Collaboration (4 tools)
  • Dictionaries (2 tools)
  • Exams & Assessment (2 tools)
  • Language Tutors (4 tools)
  • Learning Delivery Platforms (6 tools)
  • Lesson Creators (2 tools)
  • LMS (12 tools)
  • Messengers (3 tools)
  • Multi-Platforms (4 tools)
  • Presentation Tools (3 tools)
  • Productivity (9 tools)
  • Proofreaders / Plagiarism Checkers (5 tools)
  • Reading & Literacy (5 tools)
  • Teaching Resources (24 tools)
  • Video (6 tools)
  • Writing (3 tools)

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