Boost Your Career With A Physiotherapy Degree


Enhance your career by pursuing a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy

Do you have an inclination towards curing and preventing physical dysfunctions in patients? If yes, then embarking upon a career in physiotherapy is the right choice for you. The rise of mechanisation and industrialisation has accelerated the rise in demand and career scope with a bachelor of physiotherapy. This article aims to make this point as well.

Physiotherapy entails everything within the system of medicine including examination, diagnosis, treatment, recommendation, and instruction. This reaches out to any person who is suffering from bodily malfunction, movement dysfunction, physical disorder, disability, physical or mental conditions and healing or pain from trauma. It implements the usage of physical agents such as exercise, manipulation and mechanical and electrotherapy devices.

What can you do after qualifying an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy?

As a physiotherapy undergraduate, you get the option to pursue higher education right after completing Bachelors of Physiotherapy. You may also choose to specialise in any field of medicine within the realm of physiotherapy. Take a different course in your academic careers such as business management, hospital administration, or public health management. Try to gain substantial experience that will automatically lead to remuneration depending on the type of organisation you are employed at and your work output.

Physiotherapy Career Pathway – the future of physiotherapy
  • Corporate physiotherapist in multinational companies
  • Consultant physiotherapist in health care centres, multi-speciality hospitals or non-governmental organisations
  • Physiotherapy instructor in modern gymnasiums and health care institutions
  • Physiotherapist in schools targeted to heal physically challenged children
  • Ergonomic care advisor
  • Physiotherapist in residential old age homes
  • Sports Physiotherapist employed by a sports team, sports associations or personal physiotherapists for individual athletes
  • Private practitioner running an independent physiotherapy practice
  • Lecturer
  • Entrepreneur in rehabilitation centres
  • Clinical Researcher

A Physiotherapist also referred to as a Physical Therapist is a vital member of the healthcare team. These professionals are accountable for bringing patients’ health back to normal by applying manual therapy, exercise, rehabilitation techniques and physical activity.

Their primary tasks involve restoring the patient’s body to its optimal functioning level. Turning the clock back from a state of having been incapacitated from musculoskeletal, neurological, geriatrics or cardiopulmonary impairments among others. Here are some of the additional responsibilities of a physiotherapist in the health sector:

  • Muscle strength evaluation and quantification
  • Prescribing remedial exercises
  • Physical treatment by different therapeutic exercises by automated machines, as well as electrotherapy modalities
  • Evaluating mental stature in neurologically affected patients
  • Providing wheelchair and gait training
  • Applying manual therapy and manipulation of soft tissue techniques
  • Aiding the environment barrier-free and accessible by making in-home evaluation
  • Improving the overall physical status of patients suffering from cardiopulmonary dysfunction

Physiotherapy is a rewarding, satisfactory and promising career path in paramedical science. Graduates specialised in this programme are expected to pull off larger roles and responsibilities related to a hospital scenario. Earn your bachelor’s degree today and see the wide opportunities meant for the physiotherapists to unfold before your eyes. Step into the field of health industry today and acquire the dream role that you have been hoping to achieve for quite some time now!

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