Clicker Revolution: A Classroom Response System that Works

Today, thanks to technology and its multiple advancements you can improve the learning and teaching process.

Technology has shown many benefits to the educational field, such as giving the chance to students to learn at their own pace via e-learning platforms and MOOCs without even having to enter a classroom.

It has also demonstrated its capacity to leverage the mobile devices that usually distract your students during the class, to a better good. Indeed, rather than fighting the devices that tend to distract your students, why not use them to increase interactivity during your class?

One great use of technology in education is the enabling of effective classroom response systems, also known as ‘clickers’.

Clickers are awesome to increase interaction during presentations held in class or for courses themselves. For instance, PowerPoint presentations are a good support.

However, by using a clicker with the presentation, you actually create a dialogue with the students, instead of making a one-way presentation. In addition, you get the chance to obtain real-time feedback and answers to your questions.

The key today to captivate the attention of the students is to get the students to engage in the learning process.

While reviewing many edtech tools, I came across a clicker that is a true gem : Wooclap. Today I would like to share with you my great experience with this amazing platform!

wooclap clicker
A Clicker that Revolutionizes Education.

In my opinion, a new era of training is emerging with Wooclap, which is pushing the market towards collaborative solutions. With a presence in more than 100 countries, this online solution has become in less than two years a key ally of universities and schools. Sometimes I even wonder if it is still possible to imagine training sessions without Wooclap; so much the benefits from it are important.

The simple and fast digital key

With Wooclap, stimulating interaction is now within everyone’s reach regardless of the level of digital competence. In a few clicks, the trainer registers his questions and delivers them to his students, who participate via their smartphones, computers or tablets.

Results are displayed and shared instantly. Wooclap is also so easy to use; according to a study the company made, fifteen seconds are enough to master the particularly intuitive interface.

The barriers to participation are finally lifted

An unprecedented wind of participation invades the atmosphere and the level of commitment reaches its peak with a rate of 100%. With Wooclap, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, anonymously or not.

Wooclap Classroom Response System Functionalities
Wooclap Clicker Functionalities

The functionalities are varied and allow giving free rein to creativity and opportunities: surveys, MCQs, word-clouds, ratings, open questions, ‘guess a number’, walls of messages or tests. Furthermore, a competition mode and games are also available with results directly visible on the PowerPoint presentation.

A Clicker that changes everything!

Finally, thanks to Wooclap, classes and presentations are taking on a whole new dimension. It is now possible to measure comprehension and react in real time to improve learning.

“Wooclap greatly influences the quality of my courses. I quickly got used to it. I cannot imagine a course without Wooclap”. Georges Casimir, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the ULB, one of Brussels biggest universities, is one of the many ‘Wooclappers’ to have adopted the tool.

Ryan Wright, associate professor at the University of Virginia also says: ‘As a university professor who teaches several large classes, I’d recommend Wooclap for any instructor or facilitator that wants to engage their audience. It was easy to use and my students commented on how much they liked Wooclap’.

Honestly, of all the online platforms that I have reviewed, this tool is definitely the easiest I have ever encountered.

Also all the services Wooclap offers are very much complete! It is more effective and developed than other clickers and offers a great engagement from the students. It is definitely worth checking this awesome classroom response system out and you can even sign up for free!

Eddy Wang
I’m Eddy and I review on my blog EduTechReviews all tech, software and hardware that teachers can use to take their courses to the next level. I have a major interest in EdTech and I would like to share with you my insights and greatest tool discovery regarding this topic.