How to Be a Better Role Model for Your Students

Teachers are constant role models for their students, so you likely want to do everything you can to be the best role model you can be. As a teacher, you likely influence kids nearly the same amount that their parents do. You aren’t just a teacher, since you can also motivate and inspire kids outside of the classroom. There are several ways you can impact your students and inspire them in life.

Working Hard

The best way to instill a sense of purpose and hard work into your students is to work hard yourself. This shows students that they can get what they want in life if they work hard enough. For example, perhaps you need extracurricular items, such as field trips, supplies, or more books. You could fill out applications for grant money and show the process to your students.

If you want to advance your own education, getting another degree while working as a teacher is a great way to demonstrate the value of hard work. It can be hard to pay for your degree on just a teacher’s salary, so you might consider taking out a loan from a private lender to cover the cost of your education.

Being Healthy

The lifestyle you live outside the classroom can impact your students as well. You might try spending more time outdoors and getting more active. Share your experiences with your students and encourage them to be active as well. In the classroom, you might have everyone stand up a couple of times during the lesson. This can show them the importance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. You could even try to start a club at your school. It could focus on healthy eating, getting outdoors, or just staying active.

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Being Passionate

You likely know at least one person who is passionate about their life and work. Students want to follow a leader who is passionate about what they do since they can inspire others around them and make them more motivated. In fact, if you truly care about what you are teaching, you could even inspire a student to become a teacher in the area you are teaching.

If you want to be a good role model, you should bring enthusiasm and joy into the classroom each day. Students can tell if someone really cares about the subject matter, and they will reflect these feelings. They don’t want to try to learn about someone who does not care about the subject matter.

Demonstrating Good Communication Skills

It’s critical to be a good communicator, and these skills can easily get overlooked because they can seem so basic. But you should strive to maintain eye contact and take part in active listening when your students are speaking to you. Try not to get distracted when they are talking so you can give them your full attention. This shows you care about what they have to tell you. It also allows you to develop deeper relationships with each one, enabling them to trust you.

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Valentina is a Primary School teacher in Miami, Florida. She is an advocate for literacy and hands-on teaching. She enjoys creating arts & crafts projects with her students, setting up theatrical plays, and utilising innovative teaching resources.


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