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What is the Best Online Resource for Learning Arabic?

Arabic—be it Egyptian Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic—is widely considered one of the more difficult languages for native English speakers to pick up later in life. There are several reasons for this; predominantly, Arabic makes use of sounds that aren’t implemented in English. A good example is “3een” or “Ayin”, a letter that is infamously difficult for non-Arabic speakers to pronounce. In addition, native English speakers must learn to navigate an entirely new writing system. Arabic letters change their shape depending on where they’re placed in a word—something native English speakers aren’t accustomed to thinking about. And of course, writing from right to left can be jarring if you’ve never had to do it before. Luckily, there are hundreds of private online Arabic tutors ready to assist you in your journey to language competence.

As you strive to become fluent in Arabic, you’ll likely consider language apps, college courses, and private tutoring options. Language apps you can practice with on your smartphone or computer are an excellent way to supplement classes and tutoring, but simply aren’t as effective on their own; feedback from those who know the language intimately and understand the broader cultural context in which it resides are vital components of any student’s mastery. College courses, while effective, can be cost-prohibitive, or may be difficult to fit into your schedule, as they lack the flexibility of one-on-one Arabic tutoring sessions. 

The Benefits of Private Online Tutoring

Private online tutoring sessions may not be everyone’s first consideration. Private tutoring has long been associated with privilege and wealth—things that not everyone has access to. However, with the advent of technology and in an increasingly interconnected world, affordable online Arabic tutors are easier to find than ever. Websites such as Eurekly host hundreds of language tutors, many of whom are willing to give first-time students free trials to ensure a good fit. No other learning regimen has the same kind of flexibility as private tutoring, which puts the pace and focus in the hands of the student. 

Online Arabic Lessons

In a world that is still half-in, half-out of a global pandemic, remote learning has become not simply an option, but the default. Online tutors are a safer alternative to in-person tutoring sessions; not only that, but it may be more difficult to source experts in particular languages, depending on where you live. Online tutoring connects you with people all across the globe, making local scarcity a non-issue.

Are Private Arabic Tutors Really the Best Option?

Everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to learn a language. Whether it be for a job, travel, the thrill of a challenge, or simply to expand one’s horizons, private online Arabic tutors will work with you towards your personal learning objectives. Private tutoring offers a degree of flexibility, control, and affordability that is often lacking in classroom or group environments. 

However, for those who are adamant self-starters, there are many resources that support Arabic learners in a hands-off way, allowing those who’d rather go it alone to take matters into their own hands. EllenJovin.com contains online Arabic learning resources (discussed and reviewed) as well as thoughtful blog posts detailing Arabic language learning adventures. Most of the website is geared towards language learning tools aimed at the “do-it-yourselfers” for whom classroom and even tutoring environments feel like a poor fit.

Through sites such as Eurekly.com, you can find an Arabic tutor who is able to match your learning needs and your budget. With rates as low as $8 per session, private online Arabic tutoring sits at the intersection of affordability and effectiveness.

Where Can I Find the Online Arabic Tutor That is Right for Me?

The right tutor is an invaluable asset to a person’s journey not just to language fluency, but cultural competency as well. Language is not simply a tool, it is a medium through which people understand and experience the world around them. A talented Arabic tutor will not only give you the resources you need to understand the language on a technical level, but will leave you with a broader appreciation of, understanding for, and curiosity about the cultures in which the language is a dominant one.

Websites such as Eurekly.com amass experts from all around the globe, making private online Arabic tutors easy to peruse and connect with. If you’re someone interested in learning Egyptian Arabic from an Arabic tutor living in Cairo, you’re in luck! Plus, as you’re perusing your many options, you’ll be able to see each prospective tutor’s native language(s), how long they have been teaching, their going rates, schedule availabilities, and whether or not they offer free trial lessons. Eurekly rigorously verifies all of its tutors, so you can rest assured you’re getting a selection of the most competent online language teachers available. 

If you’re interested in approachable, affordable, and effective online Arabic tutoring, join us at Eurekly.com and get started down the path of linguistic mastery today.

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