Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Express DigiBooks Library [How to Get Started Easily]

DigiBooks screenshot
If you are an English teacher, you will probably have heard or used the Express DigiBooks Library, or DigiBooks for short. DigiBooks was created by Express Publishing, one of the leading publishers in English Language Teaching, to host their portfolio of more than 3,500 titles. Read on to find out what it is and how you can get...

Community-Based Learning [Learning with a Community Partner]

Community based learning students
Community-based learning is a high impact practice which can improve student retention and engagement, and help students better absorb, retain, and transfer knowledge. This tip sheet contains suggestions for working with an on-campus community partner to offer students an authentic learning experience. Community partners come to the classroom to present students with a real-life problem,...

10 Amazing Tips for Building Rapport with Students

Building rapport: students having fun.
Teaching is the art of imparting knowledge and making students learn by experience. There are so many teachers who understand this, and yet, so many who do not. For example, there are teachers whose lectures in class constantly centre around themselves; there are also those who do not ask their students questions – they just go on...

Charter Schools [Pros and Cons]

Charter schools are growing in popularity as they crop up in more communities throughout the country. While they try to combine the best characteristics of both traditional public schools and privately funded schools, the primary reason they are gaining attention is the the choice that they provide. Before charter schools, low income families...

The Top 50 Teacher Movies Of All Time

The Great Debaters
Everyone who watches a teacher movie can gain great inspiration. Who doesn't love the story of the teacher who believes in their students so much as to make a difference in their lives! Every single teacher hopes to make an impact in some way in the lives of our students. At the end...

Help! I’m Teaching ESL Next Year. What Can I Do Now To Prepare?

Books on teaching ESL.
6 Things You Can Do Now! First of all, WELCOME! We are glad to have you in our professional learning network. If you are reading this, I want to formally welcome you to a wonderful, passionate group of ESL educators and advocates who will support you along the way. In this article, you will...

Helping Parents Build Their Youngsters’ Vocabulary

Vocabulary - mother reading to her daughter.
This article was originally posted on Leader Live by Stephanie Sigal. Recently, my friend Tonia shared an impressive conversation she had with her 3-year-old daughter. Naya: Mommy, what are you doing? Tonia: Collapsing moving boxes. Naya: Collapsing? Ah yes, like an umbrella at the beach.

Six Simple Steps Toward Fair and Accurate Grading

Teachers grading student papers.
Another school year ended this week. With that comes the dreaded chore of entering students’ final grades. In a perfect world, teachers would be able to “just” teach and the concept of recording grades would not exist. Teachers would teach for the purpose of sharing their content expertise with students who worked hard for...

10 Stupid-Simple Tips to Start Teaching With Minecraft

My students come from a small, rural community and lack a broad understanding of the larger world around them. This inspired me to seek out a game, or online environment, that could provide more expansive experiences for them—a place that would allow them to explore, on their own or with others, and where I could embed history...

How to Create Your Own Custom Teacher Planner

Teacher planner
Teacher planners just might be the highlight of any planner junkie + teacher out there. Choosing just the right cover, layout, to do list, and extra insert pieces makes a difference. Adding in stickers creates a whole new level of awe. Yes, you purchase your teacher planner in the hopes it will help you to...