Thursday, January 21, 2021
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10 Easy Peasy Reading Activities for ‘The Hate U Give’

Books are vehicles of reflection, understanding and change in society; they allow readers to step into the shoes of characters whose lives are far from their own.  In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, there is no text as important to read and teach this school year than The Hate U Give; Angie...

The Legacy of Maria Montessori

The year 2020 marks 150 years since the birth of Maria Montessori. Although schools employing the “Montessori Method” are well known for their hands-on approach to early childhood development, the story of the person behind the method is less known. Maria Montessori is a pillar of education, and the inspirational story of her life is as relevant...

Five Ways To Support Your Child’s College Dreams

Many kids dream of achieving certain things from their time at college from a very young age. Whether they have the goal of becoming an astronaut or a police officer, your role is not to discourage their choices, but to encourage their success. 1. Don’t be dismissive It is easy...

Why Self-Care Should Be On Your Fall To-Do List

In many parts of the world, parents, students, and teachers are in back-to-school mode.  This might mean buying new school supplies and clothes or, if you are a teacher, planning lessons for either in-class teaching or remote learning. For the past two years, I have been writing and speaking about the need for teacher self-care. 

What’s Your Major? The Best Undergrad Degrees To Get Into Medical School

So, you’re thinking that you want to become a doctor or enter the medical field. If you already have a degree, then you may be wondering if it is going to help you get into medical school. Or, if you are just graduating high school, then you are looking to take the right path to have an...

Teaching Global Competencies

International educator Barbara Anna Zielonka talks about an ambitious project that aims to expose students to real-world situations and inspire them to be true global citizens. What is the SingleVoicesGlobalChoices project in a few words? It is a global and collaborative project for middle and high school students and their...

Producing A YouTube Series with Language Learners

I’m an English-As-Second-Language instructor in Vancouver, BC, and for the past two years have been producing a YouTube series with language learners called English Weirdness, which I publish on YouTube. In each episode of this series, I investigate the strange and confusing side of English grammar and syntax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sl86swfq4I

Which TEFL Course Should I Choose?

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. See full disclaimer here. English is by far the fastest-spreading language in the world. With more people speaking English than ever before, it has become the universal language for communication in tourism, commerce, trade, education, and...

How Does Analytical Writing Affect GMAT Score?

Every student who aspires to take a GMAT test and pass it successfully knows the exam's structure inside and out. One of these parts is essay writing. Since recently, the test consists of two writing pieces, the Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning. Such a decision of the Graduate Management Admission Council might make some exam takers...

Digital Detox For Teachers In 20 Easy Steps

If the thought of leaving your smartphone at home or not checking it whenever you get the chance fills you with horror, maybe it’s time to think about a digital detox. In order to stay healthy in this super-connected world we are living, we need to adopt viable habits in the way we use technology, and digital...
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