Saturday, September 18, 2021
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How Can Children Benefit from an Outdoor Education?

outdoor education
The average child in the U.S. is thought to spend between four and seven minutes a day playing outdoors in an unstructured manner, and four to six hours a day before a screen. This fact has many effects on their physical and mental health, affecting everything from their posture to their ability to focus and calm down...

Innovative Classroom Layouts and Ergonomic Ideas

innovative classroom layouts
As a teacher, you know that your body takes a beating throughout the day. Between standing and sitting, stooping to work with students, and so much more, it's impossible not to go home with an aching back and legs. What's more, classroom layouts and student comfort also play a role in learning outcomes. When a child's basic needs, including...

6 Fun Ways To Make Learners Want To Learn

happy young learners
It is the dream of every teacher to meet learners who are eager to acquire new knowledge and skills. Studies show that when learners want to learn, teacher satisfaction and student achievement is the result.Who would not want to teach learners who are collaborative, respectful, and always seeking solutions to the problems they...

7 Classroom Management Tips For Preschool Teachers

preschool classroom
Managing a classroom is not easy — especially with young children on the line. Children in their formative years are still learning the basics of socialization, and the vast amount of things to consider can leave an unprepared coordinator scratching their head.From keeping the classroom orderly to comforting a tearful child, teachers are...

6 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Important

continuing education
Education is a treasure that no one can take away from you. You've surely heard this a few times, and it's true. That's why the goal of many parents is to send their children to school and help them finish their studies.However, nowadays, learning shouldn't stop after you graduate from college, which is...
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