Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Digital Skills Every Teacher Should Have

digital skills
The world is evolving into a digital world and every industry is experiencing the effect of the evolution. The education industry has also witnessed some changes. Learning has gone from paper and textbook to sharing soft copies of course materials to students. Teachers can now connect with their students through a digital classroom and the students can...

Quick and Easy Tips to Make Learning Fun Again

how to make learning fun
School is going through a major change-up and teachers are starting to play around with different approaches to learning. Since students learn through various approaches, you may need to forget the traditional textbook approach and start thinking about ways to make learning fun again.  Fortunately, many schools are utilizing technology more freely in the...

Learning A New Language As An Adult: 5 Study Tips

If you’re an adult, learning a new language can be scary. It’s also easy to dismiss the lessons because of the notion of how it’s difficult for adults to acquire and master a new language. However, don’t give up because there are several strategies created for grownups to make learning a breeze. This article will provide you...

21st Century Skills In The Classroom

How learning has changed in the 21st century Technology with its applications in everyday life has changed the way we do many of our daily tasks. 21st century learners are required to have a very different skillset compared to learners of the past. In traditional learning, students learned not to ask too many questions....

How To Teach Pronunciation

teach pronunciation
Let’s start at the beginning – what is pronunciation? Pronunciation is the way we say words, the sounds we make with our voice, throat, tongue and mouth, which can include stress, intonation and fluency in order to share thoughts and ideas out loud with others. Most languages have a certain degree of flexibility within...
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