Monday, October 25, 2021
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Using Smartphones in the Classroom [20 Amazing Ideas]

Some easy ways to use phones in the English classroom
I have spent a great part of my teaching career teaching young ESOL students. Sadly, a substantial part of that trying to police and prohibit using smartphones in the classroom. Eventually I have to concede that it was a pointless exercise and a missed opportunity. I could have done all the things I am...

MOOC, Learners Community, Technology and Collaboration

MOOC, learners community and collaboration
I moved back to Finland less than two years ago to continue with my studies. Master’s studies and thesis are now accomplished – Phew! Whilst studying I was trying hard to figure out how to put together the iron, technology and the pedagogy that goes with it. First time I heard about MOOC was...

Gamification: How Can Teachers Use it?

Gamification and the Learning Experience
In the previous post, What is Gamification?, we described the basic principles of gamification in the classroom and some of the main elements that teachers can use. To create a specific action plan, we need to explore first the similarities between games and the learning experience, and how we can capitalize on them.

What is Gamification?

What is Gamification
‘OK, whoever finds the correct answer will get 5 points and a sticker. I’m writing the names of the students with the most points on the board. Let’s see who will be on the top!’  If you regularly set up in class mini competitions like that, you are already using gamification techniques in your...

The Top 20 Education Blogs of 2015

The Top 20 EduBlogs of 2015
Now that 2015 is over, let’s see who were the ones that really made a difference in the year that passed. There are countless education blogs worldwide, focusing on teaching practices, methodology, or educational technology. We all have our favourites, but some managed to stand out from the rest in 2015, garnering a hefty...
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