Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Teach English in China [What it’s Really Like]

Ever wondered what it’s like to teach English in China? With approximately 400 million people learning English in China, it’s no wonder that there is a huge demand for teachers. More and more teachers from the English-speaking countries are therefore choosing to teach English in China as their next career move.

Teach Online [The Absolute 5 Benefits and Challenges]

The statistics are impressive: online learning is on a dramatically upward trend (165 billion dollars in 2015 and is likely to grow by 5% between 2016 – 2023, exceeding 240 billion dollars). Bearing this in mind, teachers have a need to embrace this relatively new method of teaching and take on both the challenges...

Teacher to Teacherpreneur [How to Combine Creativity, Skills and Expertise to Earn Additional Income]

Are you a teacher looking for a challenge, an opportunity to learn new skills, use your professional skills in a different way and earn additional income? Then becoming a teacherpreneur could be for you. ESL/EFL teachers transition to teacherpreneurs as writers, website designers, video makers, and school owners. In December 2015,...

The Top 50 Edublogs of 2017

The Top 50 Edublogs of 2017
Following up on the list we compiled a year ago with the The Top 20 Edublogs of 2015, we have expanded the list to include the top 50 education websites. Out of the numerous websites worldwide focusing on education policies, teaching practices, methodology, or educational technology, some manage to stand out from the rest, garnering...

Reading Habits [in the New Literary Landscape]

Developing Reading Habits
Everyone knows the importance of good reading habits and teachers are always wondering how to make students read more. The truth is, they are reading more. Teachers just don´t know how. The idea that students these days have more competition for their time from social media, smartphones and on-demand TV is true but only...

A Different Online Course on Finnish Education

ALO Finland introduces a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Innovative Pedagogy and EdTech in Finland, inspired by Finnish education. The emphasis is on the practical and holistic approach, as well as simple solutions that can be easily repeated, adopted and further developed further worldwide. The course is aiming to be more than just...

15 Ways To Help Kids Learn Anything

We all want our kids to learn and do well at school. We also want our kids to be passionate and engaged in their learning. When it comes to student engagement strategies, I’m sure there are times when you’d like to help your kids with their schoolwork, teach your kids something new, or tap into or...

LMS: 8 Essential Features

As blended learning is gradually becoming the norm, schools around the world are progressively using a Learning Management System (LMS) for all aspects of the teaching process: to enroll students, to deliver lessons, to assign homework, to assess learning, to track progress, to produce reports and grade books. ‘LMS’ is a broad term that covers...

Using Smartphones in the Classroom [20 Amazing Ideas]

Some easy ways to use phones in the English classroom
I have spent a great part of my teaching career teaching young ESOL students. Sadly, a substantial part of that trying to police and prohibit using smartphones in the classroom. Eventually I have to concede that it was a pointless exercise and a missed opportunity. I could have done all the things I am...

MOOC, Learners Community, Technology and Collaboration

MOOC, learners community and collaboration
I moved back to Finland less than two years ago to continue with my studies. Master’s studies and thesis are now accomplished – Phew! Whilst studying I was trying hard to figure out how to put together the iron, technology and the pedagogy that goes with it. First time I heard about MOOC was...
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