5 Ways to Implement Panic Buttons into Your School


Just a few decades ago, the mere idea of installing panic buttons and alarms into schools would have seemed entirely ludicrous. Unfortunately, things aren’t as innocent and safe as they once were.

Every day, hundreds of parents put their children’s lives in your hands. It is your responsibility to do your best to keep them safe. Everything from the school equipment to the nature of security guards in the school premises should be able to demonstrate that you care for the safety and wellbeing of the students. This is particularly important because they are under your care and supervision. If you have been wondering how best to implement a panic button system into your school, the below five points will help you to successfully navigate this:

1. Understand Why

The first step is to fully understand why you are installing panic buttons in the first place. If your school has had criminal events in the past that you would like to prevent from happening again, you will need a consultation with security professionals first.

These professionals will assess your school’s unique requirements and advise accordingly.

If you are simply being cautious, you can go ahead and arrange the installation of a panic button system.

2. Consult Parents

Firstly, when implementing a panic button system, you must involve the parents. The parents will appreciate this because they will appreciate being involved in their children’s wellbeing.

That will also help put the parents’ minds at ease and let them rest easy knowing that their precious children are safe and secure when they are at school.

5 Ways to Implement Panic Buttons into Your School

3. Choose The Right System

When implementing your panic button system, you need to do your research to ensure that you have selected the best one available on your school’s budget. Panic buttons are the first line of defence when it comes to getting help when you need it.

Some companies are just out there to make money from unsuspecting schoolboard members. These companies seek to capitalize on mounting safety concerns for children in schools. Do proper research on the company you have chosen before completely implanting their system. Do you need to get more information about advanced background checks? SeamlessSearch offers high quality background check services.

4. Consult Teachers

The teachers will appreciate the new system just as much as the parents. Teachers have a unique understanding of crimes in schools, such as the high-profile shootings that took place in Florida and Texas.

Your teachers need to be consulted during implementation so that they can keep their students calm until you make an official announcement in a school assembly.

5. Make The Children Feel Comfortable

Panic buttons provide a virtually silent call for help. This means that they could be abused by prankster children if they are not properly informed during the implementation process.

Make the children feel comfortable by letting them know beforehand what the school intends to do. There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet regarding school safety protocols, this could confuse them unless you stay one step ahead.

Once your system has been fitted, make a formal announcement during an assembly to let the children know that they are safe, and to simultaneously warn them of the consequences of abusing the buttons.

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