7 Reasons To Study Cyber Security in Ireland


Since the rise of the internet, the world is expanding online at an incredible pace. From sending money to making big business deals, everything is taking place virtually. The advent of new technologies, applications, and the internet has made our lives much more comfortable and our work much convenient.

Gone are the days when we have to wait for hours, days, weeks, or months to send or receive money, texts, letters, and documents from one place to another. Digitalisation has given us an upper hand in communicating with anyone across the world within a fraction of a second.

But everything has its cons and pros to deal with. Cyber security threats such as computer viruses, spyware, phishing, hackers and predators are the dark side of the internet.

Though Ireland has become a hub for digitally focused sectors in the past ten years, a survey conducted by Irish businesses shows that around 171,000 companies in Ireland are prone to cyber threats. The other data reveals that at least 48 percent of businesses do not have a security policy. The data indicates the level of vulnerability of businesses to cyber attackers.

With an increase in the chances of ransomware attacks, companies are focusing on developing security systems. The demand for skilled professionals in this domain has become a golden opportunity for aspirants who wish to work in a challenging environment.

study cyber security

If you are looking to study cyber security, you can opt for security courses from leading colleges in Dublin. This blog will explain to you the scope of security courses in Dublin.

Seven significant reasons to study Cyber Security in Dublin

  1. Good remuneration: Almost everyone dreams of getting a good salary from the beginning of their career. However, you can make this dream come true with this profession. With the growing demand for cyber security experts, companies are offering handsome salary packages to aspirants.
  2. Learn exceptional skills: Cyber Security course familiarises you with the skills and knowledge of security and networks. An aspirant will learn core networking and the skills to prevent several types of cyber attacks.
  3. Huge demand: Since most of the work or businesses have switched to virtual medium, data safety has become a priority for everyone. Thus, industries are looking for cyber security experts to save their data from attackers.
  4. Least affected by inflation: You might have witnessed massive layoffs in the job sector during the COVID-19 pandemic or inflation. But, cyber security professionals were in high demand by companies to protect their data from hackers.
  5. Several growth opportunities: As cyber attackers are choosing different methods to attack companies’ data, cyber security experts are also required to learn techniques to protect data. With more skills in the field, you will get several growth opportunities.
  6. Opportunities to work with tech giants: Cyber security professionals are often hired by product and service companies. So, aspirants will have opportunities to work in a setting that offers a lot to learn and grow professionally.
  7. Opportunity to learn white-hat hacking: While pursuing this course, you will learn ‘white-hat’ hacking, which will be an add-on for your career.

Learn about the course in detail and give your career a new height by securing your admission to one of Dublin’s leading colleges.

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