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At Day Designer the motto is that everyone can design and live a life that they love, and their mission is to help you do just that.

Day Designer products combine beautiful designs, helpful content, and easy-to-use planning pages that inspire and guide users to find balance, focus, and productivity.

Day Designer was born in 2010 to help people live better, with less stress. A quick sketch that combined a to-do list, schedule, notes, and gratitude became the trademarked Today & ToDo® page design at the heart of every Day Designer planner.

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Since that first collection, Day Designer products have become trusted tools for thousands of busy people who aspire to live with intention and style.

Day Designer products combine beautiful designs, original content and simple guided frameworks to inspire and empower users to find balance, focus and productivity.

Every product is intended to be easy and pleasurable to use. Day Designer products thoughtfully guide users to set goals, prioritize their to-do’s and schedule realistically yet productively.

Each Day Designer product reflects the unique person who uses it every day – their goals, their struggles, their achievements and values.

What types of Day Designer planners are offered?

Choose between the Flagship Collection, the A5 Ring Bound Collection, the Today & To-Do planners, and the Blue Sky Collaboration Collection!

day designer planner collection
  • The Flagship Collection, the original daily planner, offers 12 months of daily planning pages. This collection includes a Regular Year Edition (January – December ) and an Academic Year Edition (July – June) in two sizes; the Flagship and Flagship Mini.  
  • The highly-customizable and refillable A5 Ring Bound Collection includes leather and vegan leather options. This refillable fashion planner features gold accents as well as undated starter insert packs.    
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  • Check out the Today & To-Do flexible, undated planners, as well as the new Slim Notebook Sets now in the online shop.
  • Day Designer has partnered with Blue Sky to bring you affordable calendars, planners and desk accessories. This collection is a complement to the Flagship Edition Daily and Weekly planners.  
  • If you are not sure which planning system is the best fit for you, try the free printables kit to help get you started! 
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How should I care for my A5 Leather Binder?

The A5 Binder is made with the finest quality leather, and is intuitively designed to ensure that it will last a lifetime. As with all leather products, maintaining the condition of your binder requires a little extra TLC! Here are some necessary tips to keep your A5 Binder looking like the first day it arrived!

  • Clean it gently weekly with a soft, clean cloth very lightly dampened with water to remove any dust or loose dirt.  Be sure not to get it too wet so that any leather conditioner is not removed along with the surface dust.
  • Conditioning is key! It is extremely important to keep the leather conditioned to maintain its luster. Leather that becomes dried out will eventually crack, and is unrepairable. Be sure your A5 is completely dry before applying any conditioner.
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Given that leather is a natural material, there may be textural or shading variations within the surface. These are normal characteristics and representative of the leather’s individual beauty. As with all fine leather goods, your Day Designer A5 Binder can last you many years if cared for correctly. To prevent damage, be cautious and avoid contact with any other colored leather goods or fabrics as color may transfer through friction. Avoid exposing your Day Designer A5 to harsh elements such as moisture, bright light and direct heat, and refrain from placing any heavy items on top of your Day Designer in order to prevent creasing.

Ideal for Teachers

day designer academic planner

The Academic Mini Flagship Planners let you plan ahead with intention and style: Day Designer planners are beautiful, yet effective and easy planning systems. These midyear planners are available in a daily format, helping the busy family or professional reach their goals, achieve balance and become more productive. This smaller planner (6.6″ wide x 8.3″ tall) is perfect for teachers, students, and school administrators!

Day Designer hopes to not only helps you live more productively, but with meaning and joy.

This is life, well designed.

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