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The Hand2mind motto is that children learn best by doing. For over 50 years, teachers and administrators at thousands of schools and districts have relied on their high-quality, hands-on classroom resources (also known as manipulatives) to expand their core curriculum.

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What are manipulatives?

Manipulatives are any of various objects or materials that students can touch and move around in order to help them learn mathematical and other concepts.

Since ancient times, people of many different civilizations have used physical objects to help them solve everyday math problems. The ancient Romans modified counting boards to create the world’s first abacus. The Mayans and the Aztecs both had counting devices that featured corn kernels strung on string or wires that were stretched across a wooden frame. In the early 1900s, Italian-born educator Maria Montessori further advanced the idea that manipulatives are important in education. She designed many materials to help preschool and elementary school students discover and learn basic ideas in math and other subjects.

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