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The TEFLPros Story

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, you have to begin by improving yourself. TEFLPros founders Jos and Whitney take this sentiment to heart. While their paths were different, they both came to the TEFL industry as a result of a major life-change…and it paid off.

TEFLPros in Vietnam

Jos’ Story

Hi, I’m Jos! Chances are, some of you reading this are a lot like me. When I was 27, after working for five years in corporate, enterprise level sales for a fantastic company in downtown Chicago, I decided I wanted a career change and registered for a TEFL course. Everyone told me I was crazy when I quit my glamorous, high paying job, but it was the best decision of my life.

I graduated with a triple major in International Studies, History and Anthropology and a minor in French. While my sales job taught me a lot about business, I always had a passion for academics, culture and exploration.

It was scary at first; moving abroad and becoming an English teacher was not something people did. As I (nervously) suspected, it was absolutely the right path for me and has been so much more rewarding than I ever imagined. I spent some time teaching in Cameroon, Luxembourg and at an ESL community center in Chicago, but I have been teaching in Thailand for the past four years and loving every minute of it.

After several years of teaching in Thailand, it became clear to me that there was a disconnect between what new teachers learn in their TEFL courses and what actually happens in the classroom. Whitney and I formed TEFLPros in order to give new teachers the real tools that they will need to begin a successful TEFL career.

I love my job, plain and simple. As a teacher and trainer, my work life balance is amazing, I can travel and I learn something new every single day. I’ve been to over 40 countries, taught thousands of students, and tried some really weird foods. I’m passionate about teaching and helping new teachers feel comfortable beginning their TEFL career with all the knowledge that they need to be comfortable, skilled and successful.

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Whitney’s Story

Hi there! My name’s Whitney and I’m one of the co-founders of TEFLPros. My journey began over 10 years ago when I was a student at UNC. I had always dreamed of traveling the world and a study abroad program in France during my Junior year was the catalyst that set that dream into motion. Fast forward to now and I’ve lived in Europe and Asia for the past decade. My transition from being a study abroad student to being an adult working abroad came in the form of a TEFL training course and later a teacher trainer course.

Some common trends became clear to me after years of teaching English to non-native speakers and training new teachers. Many new teachers at my school didn’t have the basic foundation needed to be successful in the classroom. Now, I truly understand how difficult it is to be a new teacher – there is a lot of learning that has to take place “on the job”. However, time and time again, I would see that our school’s mentoring program was left to pick up the slack when it came to core concepts and strategies. And that is where my research began.

I started gathering ideas, techniques and strategies that worked well for me. I also looked into other programs, in particular online TEFL courses, to see where these gaps in knowledge were coming from.

In 2015, after partnering with my colleague Jos, the concept for TEFLPros began to take form. We have worked long and hard to develop material that is both practical and meaningful for the classroom. It is our hope that when you complete our course you will have a toolbox full of ideas, strategies and skills that will make your transition into TEFL teaching and living abroad a breeze!

Why TEFLPros?

Real Value for the Real World

In today’s world, people are struggling with the high cost of education and how to make that expense pay off in the job market. They are looking for affordable, high-quality online course options that will give them relevant training for a paying career.

Does Your TEFL Course Have What You Need?

…Is it fully accredited?

…Is the coursework high-quality?

…Is the material practical and easy-to-follow?

…Does it have multimedia to keep you engaged?

…Can you study at your own pace?

…Can you study from anywhere in the world?

…Is it affordable?

In-person TEFL courses provided quality instruction and skill-building. But they came with strict schedules for instruction and studying, no flexibility in class location, intensive timelines which made working while studying next to impossible, and costly “hidden fees” like transportation, room and board, and loss of wages.

On the other hand, conventional online TEFL courses offered time flexibilitylocation independence, and cost savingsBut they often came up short due to low quality of instructionzero accountability, and lackluster course materials.

So what’s the solution?

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The TEFLPros 120-Hour Digital TEFL Course

Get the BEST of BOTH Worlds

By combining high-quality instructionfull accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with dozens of real-life classroom and instructional videosTEFLPros brings Real Value to an Online Education.

TEFLPros Checks ALL the Boxes

High-Quality Instruction

Full Accreditation

Practical Skill-Building

Time Flexibility

Location Independence


All in a digital format that keeps you engaged and motivated to learn!

Whether you want to go volunteer in a local village for the Peace Corps or work for a fancy international school abroad, it will prepare you for the real world of teaching English as a foreign language.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

A: While study times can differ from person to person, students who are working and studying simultaneously take between 3-6 weeks to complete this course. You can start as soon as you register; it is open enrollment.

Q: Do I need to have any prior qualifications to sign up?

A: Yes, all of our participants must be fluent in the English language. If you are not a native speaker of English, then this will be up to your own discretion.

If you are a non-native speaker and have taken a standardized English test, we recommend a minimum score of the following for each test:


IELTS – 7.5-9.0

TOEIC – 785-990

TOEFL IBT – 100-120

Q: Is the entire course online?

A: Yes, the TEFLPros 120-hour Digital TEFL Certification Course is 100% online. However, your official certificate will be a hard copy with a student number and does not say “online TEFL”.

Q: Is there a practical element?

A: Yes. In fact, TEFLPros is more focused on the practical skills of teaching than any other online course. As part of the course, you will observe nearly 18 hours of real teachers teaching real classes. No other course offers that, even in-person courses don’t have this much observation. In addition, you will be required to complete lesson plans (which we walk you through and provide feedback on) so that when you finish the course you’re ready to hit the ground running with a solid portfolio to show employers.

Q: I want to teach online, is this course okay?

A: It sure is! TEFLPros is a fully accredited course so it is accepted globally and online.

Q: How long do I have to finish my coursework?

A: Your personal account will remain active for 18 months following purchase. If you need to return to the course after that time, email us and we will be happy to help you.

Q: Where can I access the course from?

A: The course can be accessed from any device that has internet access. It is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

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Q: Is this course really hard?

A: This is a comprehensive TEFL course. That means that it does require effort and time to complete. However, it is designed to be practical and easy-to-follow. If you put in the time, you should be able to pass without a problem.

Q: Why is your price point higher than some courses?

A: With the TEFLPros Course you are getting the quality of an in-person course at a much reduced cost with the added benefits of flexibility that come with a digital learning experience.

Q: Will I be bored?

A: No Way! TEFLPros have taken the utmost care to write this course in a relatable, practical and intuitive way. It is easy to follow and builds on itself step-by-step. Nearly 50 hours of video helps keep things engaging and fun for our course participants. Learning how to teach requires work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

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