Top Tools Any Tutor Must Have In 2022


With the development of online education, a huge number of different tools have appeared on the market. Unfortunately, tutors are often confronted with difficulties regarding which program is best to choose, or which tools are best suited for a particular type of work.

Therefore, here we have collected for you the most necessary of all the tools that will be perfect for your tutor activity, such as teleconferencing programs, grammar checkers, etc. For your convenience, the tools have been divided into separate groups.

Teleconferencing Video Programs

In order for you to have the opportunity to conduct your classes with students in any place convenient for you, you must decide what program you will use to conduct online lessons. Fortunately, now the choice of such programs is very wide, and you just have to choose the one that suits you. Here are some of the best tools for teachers which might be really helpful in online education.

Top Tools for Teleconferencing

  • Zoom: This is most likely one of the most popular online learning programs. In the past few years, not a single online lesson has been complete without it. And this is easy to explain because the program has an easy interface and will be intuitively understandable even for beginners.
  • Google Meet: By choosing this tool, you can easily arrange conferences for several participants, the program interface is quite simple and, what is most interesting, it is absolutely free, and for access, you only need your account created in Google.
  • Skype: Skype is a pioneer among all of the aforementioned applications. And besides, the interface of this program is more detailed, which also makes it an excellent choice for conducting online classes.

Tools for Communication

In order to always stay in touch with your students and to communicate with them, you will need to use the services of such tools. You can use social networks for this purpose, but it is still better to use the programs from this list since their functionality is more suitable for tutoring, and, importantly, here, you can not worry about your cyber security.

Top Tools for Communication

  • Microsoft Teams: This program is one of the most convenient for communicating with your students. Here you can create chats for entire groups of your students and communicate with them outside the educational process. The interface of the program is quite simple, and you can easily figure it out from the very first minutes of use.
  • Slack: The app has started to gain popularity quite recently; however, it is another great way to communicate. Many teachers actively use it to conduct online activities not only on a private basis but also in schools and universities.
top tools any tutor must have

Screen Recorders

A screen recorder for Windows or Mac is a very important tool that you will use every day in distance learning. With such programs, you can pass your footage to your students or record interesting material you want to share with your group. Here are some of the best tools for online learning.

Top Screen Recording Tools

  • Bandicam: One of the most popular applications for screen recording, it has appeared for a long time. This application is being actively updated and the developers add new functions to it every time, which makes the process of recording your screen even more convenient. All this makes the app an irreplaceable assistant in your list of online tutoring tools.
  • Screencast-O-Matic: One of the best free software for recording your screen. The tool’s interface is not overflowing with anything superfluous, which makes it easy to use. It is made even more convenient by the obviousness of a free video editor, which you get for free so that you can immediately edit the recorded materials.
  • TinyTake: Despite the fact that this tool is less popular, this does not take away the fact that this application can be included in the list of the best online tutoring tools. With it, you will be able to record high-quality recordings of materials, which you can then share with your students. This software is perfect if you have Windows on your computer, and since updates for this tool are released often enough, you will be able to use it for a very long time.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems or LMS is one of the best tools for tutors. With its help, you will be able to fully remotely control the educational process from your computer. Via LMS, you will be able to control the attendance of your students, give homework, conduct independent lessons, or do other work to assess knowledge. Here you will find some of the best LMS.

Top Learning Management Systems

  • Teachable: This system is perfect if you are working as a freelance tutor. And most importantly, this platform includes a large number of subscriptions, and even with a free plan, you can take as many students as you see fit, moreover, there are a large number of functions that will help you realize all your ideas.
  • Electa: Unlike the previous one, it is actively used not only by freelance tutors, but also by school teachers and college professors. Unfortunately, there is no free plan on this platform, but believe me, the price is quite good for the fact that you actually get at your disposal a whole class with a capacity of 25 people. And if you have any questions, you can contact the platform support service that works around the clock.


As you can see, the number of different tools is really impressive. And it grows every day. Now when you know the list of the best tools for teachers, you will be able to turn all your ideas into reality and see how your students will appreciate it.

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