Smart Pencil Cases And Bags For Cool Students

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“Your mission is to create a product that can be mass-produced, yet is simple and cleverly designed”.

This was the assignment that sparked the imagination of an aspiring industrial designer back in 2004. Taking a cue from the objects that surrounded him, the student set the goal of transforming a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional object.

With a burst of creative energy, long days and nights were spent experimenting with various raw materials and finally the breakthrough came with a few small changes to the sewing of a zipper. It was this pivotal moment that led to the product that would start it all – a case made entirely of one long zipper.

pencil case

Years later, this ingenious design experiment became officially known as the ZIPIT® Zipper pencil case, the catalyst for the start of an entire company.


Zipit is a breakthrough bags-and-cases design house that makes original, fun, affordable and high-quality products, with patented designs. It was born from a need to create a truly original and authentic brand; one that stands out in a generally uninspiring mass market. Always original, each and every Zipit design begins with a blank piece of paper and a promise to excite the imagination, bring a smile to customers’ faces, and ignite their passion to fulfill their own ideas.

In a few short years, Zipit has built up a global customer base resulting in its products being carried by many of the world’s leading retailers. From its offices in Boston, Munich, Tel Aviv and Xiamen, the Zipit team serves its customers in over 40 countries around the globe.

By creating products that are smart, colorful, and imaginatively designed, they aim to infuse people all over the world with sheer joy, and encourage them to unzip their own ideas without holding back.

Apart from the famous pencil cases, their product portfolio consists of bags, backpacks, interactive coloring books, and drawing booklets.

Pencil Cases

You’re bound to smile each time you open up your bright-eyed, Zipit pencil case. It’s got a big personality and is practical for storing a wide variety of items in a fun, unique way. You’ll love the genius design featuring one continuous zipper. It’s also got an extra-wide opening (7.8”/19.8 cm) so you can easily find anything you’ve stored inside.

This patented pencil pouch measures 8.6″ x 0.78″ x 3.54″ (22 x 2 x 9CM) and can be machine washed to keep it looking as good as new. Sturdy polyester means it can stand up to all your storage needs. Use this versatile pencil case to hold up to 30 pens and pencils, and other school supplies.

In a world of ordinary pencil cases, be a shining star of self-expression!

Bags and Backpacks

Zipit backpacks are just the right size for carrying all your essentials when you're on the go. Best of all they show the fun zipper design that's turning Zipit into a must have brand! They are made of one long zipper that transforms into a lightweight mid-size backpackd with 2 adjustable straps.

When you're on the go, Zipit bags are comfortable to carry or throw over your shoulder. They measure  approximately 9.8 inches (250 mm) in length, 12.4 inches (315 mm) in height, and 5.1 inches (130 mm) in depth, so they are ideal for holding your keys, wallet, tablet, cell phone and more!

Whether you’re at school, around town or heading out on your next big adventure, a Zipit backpack is a cool, practical way to take along everything you need. And it is more than just good looks. It features a padded back and adjustable shoulder straps for a close, back-safe fit. It measures 12.4x5.7x16.9 inches (28 x 41.9 x 36.8CM) delivering plenty of room for notebooks and binders, tablets and gadgets, extra clothes/shoes, lunch, snacks and more. The polyester fabric makes for a wipe-clean interior. When it’s time for a wash, toss it into your machine on gentle cycle and air dry for best results.

Interactive Coloring Books

The Zipit Interactive Coloring Book is an exciting new way to express your creativity and have fun! With this interactive coloring & activity book your creation awakens. Inspiring themes, coloring pages and magic stickers take the ordinary coloring book and make it extraordinary. Inside this book you will find pages of animated stickers that come alive when you view them with the Zipit Creativity app.

The Zipit Creativity App is an inspirational tool that engages young minds with hours of imaginative play. Once you open the app, you’re ready to explore a whole new level of fun! Hold the app over your colored pages or snap an image of anything you like, and unleash your creativity with:

• Over 40 virtual stickers you can add, view and tap to bring them to life!
• Creative filters, backgrounds and frames
• Short videos you can create and share via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or email.

‘Drawing Easily’ Booklets

Learn how to draw anything you want in 5 easy steps.

The Drawing Easily Booklets have been developed by world renowned comic artist Amit Offir. Amit has sold millions of comic books worldwide. Through Zipit’s collaboration with Amit, the Drawing Easily technique was developed, leading to the launch of a unique series of How to Draw Booklets and How to Draw Activity books.

Zipit Drawing Easily will:

• Improve your drawing skills
• Enable parents to have fun, quality time with their children.
• Help children express themselves and build self-confidence
• Let you create endless characters and tell new stories with just a few strokes

Get into a world of creativity, inspiration, and sheer fun!

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