4 Great Reasons To Volunteer In A School Abroad


Volunteering is an incredible way of experiencing new counties and cultures and gaining new experiences. While there are different ways you can volunteer, from joining a summer volunteer program to doing a research internship, volunteering at a school is considered to be one of the more fulfilling options. In this article, we will discuss a few of the reasons why you should consider volunteering at a school abroad.

You Get a Chance to Live in Another Country

There are noble reasons to want to volunteer in a school abroad, but this is not one of them. Volunteering like this gives you an opportunity to live in another country and be immersed in its culture and everything that comes with it. You get a chance to diversify your life experiences by doing this.

It Helps You Share Your Knowledge

Some skills and knowledge are so common in certain parts of the world that many people do not think they are in demand in other parts of the world. When you volunteer in a school, you get the chance to teach kids and teenagers skills they would not have gotten otherwise, which can then benefit them in the future.

Two great examples are English and computer skills. Both of these skills are a requirement in the modern-day world where we have one large connected community where one can learn and work from anywhere in the world.


Knowing English, which is considered a universal language makes things much easier. Computer skills are essential for everything these days. One can get a few affordable Lenovo school computers and use those to pass on their computer skills to kids and teens who might otherwise miss out on acquiring these essential skills.

It Improves Your Employability

Volunteers are viewed favorably during the interviewing and hiring process. Many recruiters are looking for selfless individuals and there are few better ways of demonstrating you are one than volunteering abroad. Many recruiters also say volunteer participation is a much more important consideration than many other personal achievements.

Volunteering abroad can also open up opportunities that you have never thought about before. You can decide to stay and continue volunteering, or you can take what you have learned home and keep helping the students you have left online.

Challenge Yourself

Many of us live and thrive in our comfort zones. We are used to our environments and rarely have variations in our lives. Kids and teens are already challenging enough. Now think about teaching or volunteering in a school abroad.

You will be challenged in ways that you have never been, and you will be much better because of it. Additionally, the different lifestyles and environments will present their own challenges. You will come out the other side a better person who has grown and understand yourself on a much deeper level than you did before.

Volunteering at a school abroad will challenge you in ways that you have never been challenged before. However, the experience you gain and the cultures you experience will improve your life in different ways. Because of how beneficial it can be, everyone should volunteer at a school abroad at least once, even if for a few months.

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Kate Staples is a career coach from Canada. She specializes in personal development, leadership, and mentoring students, recent graduates, and career changers to create a new career path and define their work skills, values and preferences. She is a blogger, speaker, and long-distance runner.


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