Best Cryptography Courses In 2022 


Technology has brought new ways to do things. Nearly every activity and field of discipline has seen productivity quadruple with integrating digital techniques and means to the standing order of things. 

With the incorporation of technology, several operations have become more efficient, a notable one being cryptography. It is because of computerized cryptography that we can have such a revolutionizing invention as the blockchain. 

Without modern, advanced cryptography, blockchain technology would never have been born. For at its heart lies cyber security of the highest order- the best available on the planet today. 

What is Cryptography?

Simply put, cryptography is the art (or science) of creating ciphers. A cipher is a code or method of scrambling a given set of data that can only be deciphered by the creator of the cipher or whoever the creator wishes to share the secret of the cipher with.

The use of ciphers in sending messages dates back to the World Wars when soldiers would often carry encrypted messages across battlefields and enemy lines. Back then, the encryption method was manual. Therefore, the codes could be deciphered by brilliant minds, given enough time. 

Modern cryptography differs from old cryptography in that the secrets, or keys, to the cipher are generated by computers. Thus, modern cryptography deals with the science of creating super-secure keys whose data cannot be unscrambled by even the best and most powerful computers.

Therefore, cryptography lies in the realm of cyber security, as the data to be protected or deciphered is computerized data. Because the way computers interpret data is different from the way humans do, cryptography involves a good understanding of binary. 

Thus, cryptography is crucial to the progression of the existing advance in digitization. 

Why You Should Take a Course in Cryptography

Any digital business requires cryptography. Businesses that make use of online payment systems use cryptography. The field of communications, in particular, cannot do without cryptography. 

There are several career opportunities in cryptography cutting across nearly every field, from the banking sector to business and logistics and the corporate world. This is because all institutions and businesses use and transmit data. As such, security is of paramount importance. 

Cryptography Course

In the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain industry, cryptography is crucial. Blockchain technology relies on the highest levels of encryption. Tokens like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin are inherently highly complicated systems of encrypted software.

As an investor looking to buy cryptocurrency or understand the bitcoin price and other facets of the cryptocurrency market, taking a beginner course in cryptography is not an altogether terrible idea.

Cryptography Courses You Should Take in 2022

1. Cryptography Certification by Stanford University (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn about how cryptographic systems function. You will also learn how to apply the use of these systems to real-world data problems. You will learn discrete probability theory, zero-knowledge, and privacy mechanisms.


  • A basic introduction to cryptography and ciphers
  • Knowledge of pseudo-randomness in encryption
  • Authentication of large media files, e.g., videos
  • Affordable course fee
  • Knowledge about user authentication and symmetric encryption

2. Introduction to Applied Cryptography by University of Colorado (Coursera)

This course teaches classic cryptographic algorithms, public-key cryptography, digital signatures, authentication, and symmetric-key. As a beginner-based course, this course is favored by many.


  • Structured courses according to the level of complexity
  • Interactive quizzes and lessons
  • Flexible deadlines

3. Udemy Cryptography Courses

Udemy is a renowned platform that offers several courses in different disciplines. Therefore, it is no real surprise that cryptography is available as an online course on the platform. 

At Udemy, you will learn about how cryptographic systems work. The tutor will focus on cryptography basics. In addition, you will learn all the bits that are required to gain sufficient expertise to practice.

Another advantage of this particular course is that Udemy offers its students a 30-day money-back guarantee, in the rare event that they are not satisfied with the course. 


  • Great for different skill levels
  • Excellent for entry into cybersecurity as a career path
  • Tutorials are the teaching format
  • Experts provide additional exclusive training


Cryptocurrency is a new technology that has cryptography at the heart of its functionality. Knowledge of cryptography is highly recommended for anyone who works or is involved in anything remotely cryptographic.

Data scientists will find cryptography useful, as will blockchain developers that build and maintain decentralized networks and decentralized apps.

The best part about many of the cryptography courses available in 2022 is that they are available online. All you have to do is find one suited to your budget and mode of learning!

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