4 Reasons To Replace Old White Boards With Modern Glass Dry Erase Writing Boards

Nowadays traditional white boards are getting replaced with elegant looking glass boards. Now you can see glass boards everywhere from classrooms to offices and from hospital receptions to kitchens and kids rooms. Glass boards are available in countless designs and colors to fit in every situation. Following are the few benefits you can enjoy by replacing your traditional glass boards with modern glass dry erase boards.

Add Style To Space

Glass boards help you to add style to your area. No matter if you want to install it in a classroom or in an office, glass boards always add elegance to their surroundings. You can find many colors in glass boards to match with your room theme. Some companies also offer custom printing options so you can also find a custom made glass board with a company or school logo, printed chart, timetable or anything else printed on it.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Glass boards are very easy to clean. All you need is a single wipe of old cloth to get everything removed as far as you are using a temporary marker. There are special markers available for glass boards which don;t leave any stains behind it after removing.

Easy Installation

Installation of glass boards takes only a few minutes if you have good skills in DIY related projects. Most of the time glass boards come with all necessary installation hardwares so if you have the right equipment then you can easily install glass boards yourself.


Another good thing about glass boards is they are very easy to customize. You can get any size and shape of glass board. There are also countless colors and customizable options which makes glass boards a suitable option for any situation.

There are many more benefits associated with glass boards which you can avail. There are different types of glass boards available which come with different pros and cons. Following are some glass board types you can find in the market.

Glass Dry Erase Writing Board
  • Tempered Glass Writing Boards

Tempered glass writing boards are the most basic and cheapest option which comes with very basic features. It is basically a simple tempered glass panel attached to the wall with the help of screws and holders. Mostly tempered glass white boards are available in clear and frosted options.

  • Laminated Glass Boards

These are made with laminated glass which is actually two panels of tempered glass joined together with the help of a transparent glue. Laminated glass is the safest option for a glass board especially if you want to install it in a school or class room. It is because if a laminated glass board breaks its shattered pieces don’t spread everywhere and stay together due to glue between the panels. Laminated glass boards are a bit more costly than tempered glass.

  • Magnetic Glass Writing Boards

Another modern version of writing boards is available in the form of magnetic glass writing boards. Due to its magnetic feature you can stick different accessories like pointing pins, sticky notes and marker holders on the surface of the glass board.

  • Glass Board Types Based On Installation

There are two installation types available in glass boards. One is a wall mounted glass board and the other is a glass board with rollers and a stand.

In the first type the glass is simply mounted on the wall with the help of hinges and special holders however the roller glass boards are mounted on a stand. The stand has rollers which makes your glass board easy to move from one room to another.


Glass boards are now completely replacing traditional writing boards. If you are still using a traditional white board in your office or school then it is time to upgrade them to modern looking glass dry erase writing boards.

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