Quick and Easy Tips to Make Learning Fun Again


School is going through a major change-up and teachers are starting to play around with different approaches to learning. Since students learn through various approaches, you may need to forget the traditional textbook approach and start thinking about ways to make learning fun again. 

Fortunately, many schools are utilizing technology more freely in the classroom, as an understanding of tech is becoming more and more important in the workplace. The exposure to a wide range of tools that become familiar to our children during their formative years help them adapt better to their lives. But most importantly, for children, technology is fun and interactive.

Research shows that creating an interactive classroom where students feel they have more hands-on learning opportunities can boost motivation and engagement. An interactive classroom can also foster the development of problem-solving skills

Now that we are back in the classroom, we challenge you to chuck those tried-and-true old school techniques and consider a more interactive, fun approach to teaching. The students in your classroom will thank you later. In case you lack motivation, here are some tips to get that ball rolling.

Gamify learning

Introducing games into the classroom can make students feel like they have ownership over their learning. Rewards activate a psychological pathway that can be intensely satisfying and intrinsically motivating. Some fun ideas that can also be educational include digital scavenger hunts and Pictionary. 

Game-based learning techniques will keep your students captivated and entertained while learning new things without even realizing it. Still stuck? Prodigy shares 21 classroom games that have stood the test of time, pleasing even the pickiest little one in the room!

Ways to make learning fun

Implement display technology

Today, many classrooms are incorporating the latest and greatest technologies into the mix to prepare students for their future careers. Children are growing up as digital natives, with unparalleled knowledge and access to technology. English.com states that using display technology, such as televisions, computers and tablets in the classroom increases engagement, encourages autonomy, promotes communication and more.

Think about it – a tablet has the potential to bring a lesson plan to life. Instead of simply envisioning a history lesson from a book reading, now your students can play a game, watch a video clip or listen to a song that relates to what you are talking about, This interactive multimedia format takes learning to the next level.

Create a ‘Teachergram’ to make learning fun

Let’s not forget about the teachergram – an Instagram account for the classroom. The use of social media can add another layer to classroom fun. Think about running a contest or showcasing the top student projects on the feed. Students learn through rewards and seeing their hard work displayed for other children and parents to see can be super exciting.

Another fun idea is to use Instagram for photo essays. The platform allows students to tap into their digital storytelling skills. Bonus points for getting other students engaged by encouraging them to vote on their favorites!

Organize a DIY graphic design class

Having an eye for design can help convey important messaging without actually having to say too much. Today’s online graphic design tools can help students start fostering these skills from an early age. 

PosterMyWall’s classroom accounts can be used by students and teachers alike to create projects and organize designs. Here, teachers can easily manage and organize students’ projects all in one convenient cloud-based place. Students do not even require an account to submit their works of art.

The platform can be used to execute many innovative ideas, including:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Instagram posts
  • Digital signage 
  • Brochures
  • And so much more

Consider encouraging your students to use it for an upcoming project.

Why tech can make learning fun

Technology encourages innovative thought processes that make learning fun again. While many of us grew up with text-based learning, the classroom is evolving. If you don’t evolve with it, you’re doing a serious disservice to your little learners. We look forward to learning more about the interactive touch that you decide to incorporate into your next lesson plan!

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