Back To School: How To Prepare Classrooms For the Academic Year?


Are you a teacher or the head of an educational establishment? Then this blog is just what you need to read before kickstarting the first academic year offline after a long time. While the last two years were spent dabbling in and perfecting the art of online academia, it’s now time to return to the schools. Certainly, it’s going to take some effort to get back to the conventional classroom environment, but we can improve the experience by starting over. Here are our tips to make this year a success.

1. New beginnings take time

Now that schools have started running full-time as per the pre-pandemic curriculum, students are going to be expected to sit through hours of immersive lectures. However, from the youngsters’ perspective, it could be a challenge to be thrown back into the old ways. Given that online classes have been a big part of their lives, including the teachers, for the last couple of years, this shift will take some time to get accustomed to. Hence, have some patience and compassion for their experience as you navigate this academic year.

2. Pandemic protocol

At this point in time, the clarity behind the pandemic status is quite blurry, given the number of variants popping up. But one thing we know for sure is that following a few of the pandemic protocols will do us well. For instance, social distancing in assemblies and public gatherings will help reduce the spread of seasonal flu and stomach bugs as well. On the other hand, keeping seating arrangements in classes and the cafeteria spaced out rather than compact will help prevent any hygiene issues.

Prepare Classrooms

3. Sanitation

This academic year brings the opportunity to take sanitation more seriously and set trends from the get-go. To begin with, having industrial paper towels and soap dispensers along with sanitizers is a must at every educational establishment, especially in the washrooms. Inculcating the habit of washing hands regularly has taken some time getting used to, so it is a great chance for us to uphold these good habits.

4. Ice breaker rounds

Students will be making their way back into classroom environments after a long time of screen-based sessions. While most of them are excited to meet their old friends in person in school, several may experience social anxiety. It is necessary to bring back the connection the peers shared offline before COVID-19, and it may take some effort on part of the teachers. Having ice breaker rounds will help slowly coax the shy kids out of their shells while reacquainting all students with group dynamics once again.

5. Interactive curriculum

Classroom studies give the teachers and school a great way to bring interactive learning methods. This will help in helping the attention retention challenge students have been facing in the last few years. By keeping the sessions educational and engaging, the classes will be a breeze.

How to prepare classrooms for the new year: Wrapping Up

The start of a new academic year beginning offline spells a great deal of anticipation for us all. We hope you make this session the most enriching fun year for the students!

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Gary is a TEFL certified English language instructor and teacher trainer. He has a strong academic background and a rich experience in teaching students of diverse cultures. He likes helping learners to overcome their English learning barriers. His strengths are in creating a positive learning environment, applying learners centered strategies, and having a passion for teaching. He teaches in a state school in Orlando.


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